Expanding your business horizons overseas requires knowledge of the global marketplace. We can offer you a one-stop source for many language, cultural and international services.  You need to build a climate of trust in another country, understand cultural and legal requirements, and communicate with management, technicians and other employees of your subsidiary, distributor or trading partner.

Duffus Consulting specializes in communication in the Spanish language, but can help you with many other language needs (translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, language learning). We also can provide you with immigration services for business or personal needs.

That means you may be able to bring specialized workers from abroad to build your business here, send your employees abroad to establish your subsidiary office or undertake other immigration tasks. (Barbara Duffus is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, member of ICCRC)


Barbara Duffus is passionate about education, language and culture.  A former University-level educator and researcher in Canada with a penchant for traveling and experience living and studying overseas, she has the personal knowledge and immigration qualifications to help you find educational and work opportunities to meet your needs.

Writing, editing, translation and interpretation are also all fields she has worked in for years.  So, international and cultural communication are also other  special areas of expertise for her.

Working with a team of colleagues, Barbara can provide you with solutions across the globe and take advantage of time zone differences.

  • Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
    (member ICCRC # R410079)
  • ATIO Certified Translator
    (SP-ENG, ENG-SP,
  • ATIO Certified Court Interpreter (Spanish-English-Spanish)
  • Sworn Interpreter (Spanish-English-Spanish) in Spain